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"Your First Step toward Energy Independence!"
Applied Solar, LLC is dedicated to advancing the use of clean, reliable solar electric power generation through efficient system designs, high quality equipment installations and consumer education. Our fundamental goal is to enable a higher quality of life both economically and environmentally. Photovoltaics is a very simple and effective technology; however to take full advantage of this power source requires meticulous design and high quality installation techniques. Our crew members are trained and experienced professionals. We do not have installers learning on your home or business. Please take a look at our projects in the categorized galleries on the main navigation bar.

We at Applied Solar, LLC are convinced of the absolute necessity of moving our nation away from the use of fossil fuels for generating electricity and toward the use of renewable electricity for homes, businesses and transportation as well. We invite you to join us in moving toward making our country truly energy independent and in providing bright futures for our children and for generations to come. 

Applied Solar LLC is a Veteran Owned Small Business, organized as a Limited Liability Company on February 22, 2005.  From a modest beginning with the completion of our first 1.3 kW residential project, the company has installed over 1 megawatt of solar power systems.  This is equivalent to approximately 5,000 solar panels.  Our largest project to date was a 346,000 watt system for the City of Irving which alone consisted of 1,444 solar panels.  The company has successfully completed each of over 50 solar installations including single and multi-family homes, businesses, ground mounted and carport arrays as well as numerous small solar power supplies for off-grid applications such commercial signs and remote communications equipment. 
Applied Solar LLC is a licensed Texas electrical contractor.  Under the rules set forth by the TDLR, solar installers must be licensed electricians or apprentice electricians supervised by a Master Electrician.  Applied Solar LLC complies with these rules.

Applied Solar LLC provides a unique combination of solar, wind and energy storage capabilities that sets us apart from our competition.  Alternative energy system designs for both residential and commercial users can now integrate renewables and energy storage for emergency back up in the event of grid outage or complete grid independent operation.
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